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Learn about wayfinding including DDA & accessibility planning, signage design for navigation and guiding people….
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How to Design and Use Arrows on Signage for Wayfinding

In this lesson on wayfinding, we will look at arrows on signage for when you are designing with navigation and wayfinding in mind! Introduction Hi, I’m Dr Paul Symonds and I’m the Wayfinding Expert. Please make sure to subscribe to my Wayfinding Channel on YouTube to...

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Cardiff Bay Trail – A Model for Walkable Cities

The drive towards "Walkable Cities" and getting local people out cycling and walking, whilst also providing a great environment for visitors to a city, is an area within wayfinding that is gaining great interest in the UK and worldwide. Indeed, the benefits of...

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Understanding Wayfinding as a Sociocultural Experience

- Written by Paul Symonds We are gradually moving away from understanding wayfinding as simply being a cognitive only process to understanding it as really being a far more dynamic process, which takes place most often in social environments. Moreover, wayfinding is...

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Newport Wetlands Wayfinding Case Study

Wayfinding can be seen by some people as simply being about getting from A to B quickly, but for those involved with wayfinding design and planning, it soon becomes clear that wayfinding is a more complex and dynamic practice. Indeed, the Newport Wetlands are a great...

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The definition of Wayfinding that I published in the academic journal Symonds et al (2017). Exploring an Absent Presence: Wayfinding as an Embodied Sociocultural Experience is:

The cognitive, social and corporeal process and experience of locating, following or discovering a route through and to a given space.

Indeed, getting lost can be a very stressful occurrence and the funny thing is that it can happen in the smallest of places, such as trying to find the toilets (restrooms) in a pub or bar, or in a large space such as in a hospital, airport, tourist attraction or sports stadium. You can read on “what is wayfinding” here. For business owners, the cost of having users get lost and frustrated, irritated and stressed, can result in the wayfinding and overall user-experience being seen as a negative experience. This can result in users trying to avoid your location in the future.

The good news is that there is plenty you can do to improve the wayfinding at your location. We offer training courses that you can do directly online and also act as a wayfinding consultancy.

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