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Wayfinding Training Packages & Programs

We offer online courses where you can immediately start wayfinding signage training, learn about the basics of wayfinding and navigation for guiding people, and about topics such as accessibility design. Take a look at our training options below.

Wayfinding signage design training courses

Types of Training Available

  • Bespoke training
  • Trainer led training
  • Off the shelf training materials for trainers

If you are looking to be trained or to have your staff trained, we offer a variety of training days on a number of areas connected to wayfinding. We also offer to create bespoke training and through Symonds Training, offer a range of off the shelf training materials package, if you are a trainer and wish to teach the courses yourself. The following courses are some of the most popular that we have available:

Introduction to Wayfinding Design and Management

This is a basic course aimed at anyone who manages, designs or maintains wayfinding systems and is an introductory 1/2 day or 1 day course (depending on your needs) training programme.

Wayfinding Design in Airports Training

This course is for those involved in the design or maintenance of wayfinding systems in airports, whether airport managers, graphic designers hired to create signage for airports, signage company’s looking to understand opportunities in airports etc. This is a 1 day course.

DDA training for wayfinding

DDA and the Equality Act 2010 Training for Wayfinding Compliance

Even though the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) has now been superseded by the Equality Act 2010, we provide training that in essence, covers all DDA and Equality Act needs. This course will give you an understanding of how you can audit your location or at least have a clear understanding of how to make your location suitable for disabled users, the ambulant, elderly, those with pushchairs and also for the able bodied.

Heritage Interpretation Basics training – An Introduction

Course that provides that involved with telling a heritage narrative with the foundations of an understanding on how to implement and manage a location for heritage interpretation.


Other training packages are presently in design and we also offer bespoke wayfinding training. The training provides focus that helps you to improve the efficiency of your location and to to monetarise your location. Steering your users to a positive experience but also to areas of commercial possibility, both work hand in hand. A successful wayfinding system benefits both users and stakeholders such as the land owner and those commercially invested in the location. Out training programs are aimed at helping you develop the efficiency of your location. Any training you need which we have not covered below? Please let us know!

Please contact us if you are interested in in-house training or training for trainers.