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Avoiding Signage Clutter and Clustering Issues

One concept which can greatly impact signage and which anyone who has visited Las Vegas would have faced on a daily basis is the concept of signage clutter and clustering. Signage clutter and clustering as one might imagine refer to groups of signs which are in a...

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Commercial Opportunities in Airports Using Wayfinding

Welcome back to the wayfinding channel. I’m Paul Symonds and I am the wayfinding expert. This time I will explain some of the ways in which you can create commercial opportunities in airports, using wayfinding design. These techniques though can also be applied to...

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Digital Signage Guide for Beginners

You might be thinking about using digital signage in the future and yet there are so many options and types that the decision over what to buy can be baffling! Well, in this post I hope to try and answer some of the most common questions and to provide you with a...

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Reducing the Cost of Wayfinding Signage and System Design

Buying and installing new system can be often mean a significant capital outlay, especially when implementing wayfinding signage for a large outdoor location. The good news though is that there are many ways to greatly reduce the cost of wayfinding signage and how it...

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Wayfinding Case Study – Newport Wetlands

In the first of our wayfinding case study series, we take a look at Newport Wetlands in Wales, and how they have created an easy to follow navigation system. Using local materials and natural paths, signage and the good design of space, the RSPA, who manage this...

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Indoor Positioning and GPS. Gatwick Airport Example

The move towards creating a system for indoor positioning that works, in locations such as airports, shopping malls and other large indoor spaces, is edging closer! Gatwick Airport recently announced the implementation of a new indoor wayfinding system, which uses...

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