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Wayfinding Sales and Products

Overwhelmed by the number of potential solutions that exist in wayfinding? Whether you are managing an airport, shopping mall, sports centre, hospital, care home or tourist attraction, there are a number of solutions which use a wide range of materials and digital and no-digital options. If you need advice and guidance we are here! CONTACT US ANYTIME.

Solutions by Signage Type

Classic Wayfinding Solutions

Classic directions

Digital Solutions

Interactive signage

See Digital Signage options… including iBeacons, LED signs, FIDs and digtal branding solutions.

Fingerpost Signage

See examples of finger posts and learn more…

 Bespoke Directional Solutions

wall signage

Interpretive Signage & Services

interpretive signs

A range of services including interpretive planning, location analysis and reports and signage. Learn more….

You are Here Maps

You are here map

See examples and learn more…

Totem and Monoliths’

Totem in university in USA


Wayfinding Accessories


As a wayfinding consultancy and auditors, we work in a number of sectors given that wayfinding can be found in every walk of life. Whether you are commuting, travelling somewhere on holiday, walking around your university campus, going to work in an industrial park, or trying to find the local doctor’s surgery, you will be wayfinding. Once we get to one place, we then have to find our way to another place, such is the heterogeneous nature of wayfinding – in that it is a constant process and hence there is an equal number of opportunities for those of you involved with wayfinding planning.

Each different type of wayfinding environment affords unique challenges. So, designing an effective system for a care home requires different considerations as opposed to an airport. It is important to carefully consider the user types and in care homes, it is necessary to consider issues such as dementia and how those suffering from dementia are able to find their way around a care home, without undue stress or anxiety. In an airport, with much larger and wide open spaces and much greater numbers of users to accommodate, the task is far different.

We also need though to consider users including suppliers (food delivery drivers, for example), service providers in the location (i.e. staff) and anyone who uses the location you are creating a wayfinding system for.  Sports and entertainments systems have their own challenges, particularly given that there are bursts of movement, such as just before a game or concert, at half-time and when the performance ends. Security and safety are paramount but you also want to provide a very positive experience for all users.

In addition to a variety of location types, we also deal with a variety of signage types. Whether or not a stand-up totem or a hanging sign is best, needs consideration. What materials also should be used and how you can position a sign to ensure that it is viewable by as many people as possible and with varying abilities. Ensuring that those with poor sight, those who need the use of a mobility scooter or wheelchair can also navigate successfully, also needs to be planned for. Need help with wayfinding design and implementation? CALL US NOW!