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Wayfinding signage is ubiquitous (it is all around us) on a quotidian (daily) basis. It is everywhere and hence understanding how to best design wayfinding signage is important! So, In this post an explanation of why you might want to consider doing the wayfinding signage design training online course!

Wayfinding signage design online training

There are certain design considerations that are needed when creating wayfinding signage and these can have a definite effect on a users ability to successfully navigate a location.

Signs Express recommendation for the signage training course

What is covered in this course?


  • Welcome video (27 seconds)

Signage Design: Key Lessons

  • Arrows on Signage & Layout (Video presentation 13 minutes 19 seconds)
  • Colour Coding (4.53)
  • Multi-Language Signage Design Considerations (4.42)
  • Universal Design for Signage (5.52)
  • Placement and Positioning (9.08)
  • Using Text on Wayfinding Signage (7.34)
  • Signage and Size (4.03)
  • Commercial Opportunities as a Signage maker (8.59)
  • Common Signage Design Mistakes (4.54)

Testimonial 2 for the online training course

One of the biggest problem I see, and why I think there is a need for a Wayfinding Signage Design Online Training Course is because there is such a vast difference in how different designers use wayfinding on signs.

Take arrows on signage for example. There are many different ways to position and place arrows on wayfinding and nvaigation signage and it is often done wrong. Arrows should always point arrow from text. Arrows should point directly towards the location they are signing to. Not into other text.The text should always be followed by the pictograph (if one is being included) and then the arrow.

Wayfinding signs layout

Good wayfinding sign layout for a good UX user experience.

There are many rules and best practice techniques certainly worth following if you wish to create effective and well-designed wayfinding signage.

Who should do this course?

This can be considered a basic course but I would urge all designers of signage to consider this course. Signage makers tend to rarely have had any training in wayfinding and this course tends to be very well received because it gives a solid background into understanding some key concepts in wayfinding for signage design.

This course is also good for architects, event organisers and managers, interior designers, and graphic designers. Whether you work in or with indoor or outdoor space, the course is equally as relevant.

Example – Universal design

When can I start?

You can start immediately by clicking this link.

Ready to start the course?

Interested in taking wayfinding signage Design training with an online course? Click the banner below to learn more and to start immediately…

Signage training ecourse online

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Dr Paul Symonds has a PhD in Wayfinding from Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK. Paul works with the signage industry, airports and other locations providing wayfinding audits, consultancy and training.