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Different Types of Wayfinding Signage in Airports

There are different types of signage which are used in wayfinding and navigation design  and, in this post, I will explain these different types, their uses and the differences between each of them. Signs and signage, as you may appreciate, are different because signs i.e. semiotic signifiers can come from signage, the use of space, design […]

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Case Study – Crocodiles of the World Attraction

Once in a while you come across an attraction which is not only great in its own right, but which is also a great example of wayfinding. The day before we were at Blenheim Palace and all of the mistakes and issues which we and friends experienced at the palace, were issues which they would […]

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Wayfinding in Plymouth, England – Ocean City

The potential for the city of Plymouth has always been known and many attempts in the last 30 years, since the Devonport Dockyard began to close down bit by bit, have been made to re-rejuvenate the city. The dockyard used to employ 20% of the population of the city and was a major naval base. […]

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You Are Here Maps – Problems and Considerations

When you are lost and desperately need  to get some sense of your bearings as a pedestrian, in order to re-focus and re-plan your route, there can be nothing better than the sight of a ‘You are here’ map. Finally we can work out where we are and where we need to go to, especially when […]

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Signage Basics in Wayfinding and Design Considerations

Performance Space If you read through the majority of journal articles on wayfinding, you will find that the concept of ‘travel spaces’ and what is often termed ‘performance space’ (see Edensor, 1998) are very popular concepts and used in relation to wayfinding. The idea behind the term ‘performance space’ is that a travel space such […]

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Wayfinding and Signage in Sicily, Italy

I tend to travel to Sicily twice a year to stay with the in-laws, on the hills of the Etna (staying in the village of Tremestieri Etneo) and life is certainly very different in terms of wayfinding in these parts from what I am used to in England. On the villages of the Etna, unless […]

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Clustering and Signage in Wayfinding

One concept which can greatly impact signage and which anyone who has visited Las Vegas would have faced on a daily basis, is the concept of clustering. Clustering as one might imagine refers to groups of signs which are in a confined or close space. Positive Use of Clustering Clustering is something which can sometimes […]

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