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Wayfinding Services


Wayfinding Audits

We are experienced in going into various environments and researching all aspects of the wayfinding and navigation system and providing detailed reports. Previous clients have included Birmingham International Airport and Plymouth City Council. As part of the audit analysis, we can:

  • Photograph and document your existing system.
  • Analyse what is presently being done correctly and what needs improving.
  • Use qualitative research to talk with staff, users and stakeholders to understand your system from a Human Factors perspective, i.e. to understand the real-world problems and issues that exist in your particular location.

Past clients have included:

Birmingham Airport

Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Harbour Authority


Wayfinding Consultancy

In addition to the wayfinding audits detailed above, we also offer consultancy so that you have an independent view and input on the plans you have. Many of the wayfinding and navigation issues, which exist and cause problems, can be a result of graphic designers and signage makers not themselves being expects in the field of wayfinding. By having a specialised wayfinding consultant, in addition to the architects, signage makers and graphic designers, you have a better chance to avoid any longer term problems in your system. As consultance, we have experience in a wide-range of sectors including airports, universities, bay trails and hospitals. More on the consultancy service.


Wayfinding Training Services

We also provide a variety of wayfinding training programmes. You can email us for your requirements. We offer both bespoke and off-the shelf training for trainers or with trainer provided.

Wayfinding training


DDA (Disability Rights Checks)

Ensuring that your location is disability friendly and accessible is something you should be doing not only being it is ethical but because there are certain laws with govern the rights of those with disabilities a certain level of access. Unfortunately not all locations are DDA friendly but we can work with you to. We evaluate and document what you are doing well and what needs improving.

DDA checks

Signage Making

We have a very strong network of reliable suppliers and providers that we have worked with and thus we are able to provide any type of signage solution you might possible need, be it a digital or non-digital solution. We can provide mock-ups and details of suggested signage for any new or existing system you have.

Museum signage



Visit the Books page.

Qualitative Research

As experienced qualitative researchers, we are able to come into your location and do research into a wide range of issues and areas related to your wayfinding system, including for:

  • Detailed documentation and reports on any wayfnding system that you need documented.
  • Passenger surveys.
  • Analysing commercial opportunities and steering behaviour.
  • Staff feedback.
  • Security analysis and report on your location.

What is Qualitative Research – this refers to research which uses a more social form of analysis, as opposed to just analyzing numbers and data. By asking and talking with the users of the location being analysed for wayfinding changes, we like to get to the bottom of any existing issues by talking with the very people who use the system or work with it. To give an example. In an airport, we ask a number of passenger if they found their way satisfactorily, if there were any problems to find anything, what they would have liked to have found but couldn’t and so on. We talk with people who also work in the airport and ask them about commonly experienced problems from passengers, i.e. what places they are continually asked the directions to because a user cannot find that place in question. We, in other words, include a ‘human factors‘ aspect to how we analyse your needs.


Walking and Sustainable Planning

We have evaluated a number of walking routes and work with local authorities, councils, universities, bay trails, parks and other stakeholders. Need your location evaluated with a detailed report, with recommendations made.


Interpretive Heritage Planning

Interpretive heritage planning and implementation inevitably crosses over into wayfaring and wayfinding given that many routes involve a narrative. Routes such as through a museum, along a bay trail, or through a wild-life park to give a few examples, often involve a story that is told along the trail. We offer training in heritage interpretation, in addition to this areas as a part of audits and consultancy work we do.


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