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You are Here Maps

An indoor you are here map

The Benefits of You-are-Here Maps

You are Here maps in certain situations can be an effective solution, but it essential that they meet certain requirements. Free standing maps of this type, for example, can often be facing the wrong way, when they are, for example. moved by cleaners. I would generally recommend that these types of maps are fixed in position thus to avoid this type of issue. Overall though, ‘You are here’ maps can be very useful and particularly helpful in large tourist attractions, hospitals, shopping centers and other complex locations.

These types of directional signage are relatively cheap to design and can be created with good colour, so as to add to a setting rather than to create an eye-sore, as you might find with some signage types.

Materials and Design

There are no hard and fast rules as to the exact size that this type of map needs to be. They can be several meters long in some cases and designed to face a variety of angles. The screen will often be perspex or glass. You are Here maps can also come in digital form and be interactive these days (see our Digital signage solutions page), although in the true sense, a traditional You are Here map is a non-digital metallic piece of signage.

Getting a Map designed and Sales

If you are looking for a custom made ‘You are Here’ sign we can help. Please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.

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