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Fingerpost Signage (Guide Post)

Post signs

What are Fingerpost Signs

You very likely walk past fingerpost signage just about every day, whether it is on the way to work or when using a transportation hub, or when walking through a university campus. Finger posts are pretty much as you would expect from the name in that this type of signage means a signpost which has what look like fingers pointing out from the main base. This type of post can have one or many arms and the arms will sometimes have arrows drawn on them or the shape of the arm itself will be designed so as to be shaped as an arrow (i.e. pointed arrow like end part).


Fingerposts can come in a variety of materials, although most often they will be designed with:

  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Casted Bronze


  • Strong and durable (so perfect as an outdoor signage)
  • Relatively cheap
  • They can be designed in pretty much any style
  • Good in terms of visibility. By this I mean that many people can normally view fingerposts signage at the same time, as opposed to a ‘You are here’ map (for which you can often only get 2 or 3 people close up to it at a time)
  • Quite easy to maintain i.e. in comparison to digital signage and also versus other less durable options.

Buying FingerPosts

Please contact us via the CONTACT page if you are looking to buy fingerpost signage.