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Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions are becoming increasing important in their use, in wayfinding and navigation practice, and we can help you with the following:

Touch Screens

touch screen signage

Touch screen solutions are popular in locations such as shopping malls, onboard cruise ships and are useful for providing a range of information – Further information.


FID (Flight Information Display)

Flight Information Displays help to guide users with up-to-date departure information and are commonly used in locations such as in airports, bus and coach stations and train stations.

Digital Networked Signage Systems

networked signage

If you manage a number of different venues, then you might be interested in a networked wayfaring solution that enables you to manage these multiple locations, from one console in one location. See examples & further information.


Digital Solutions are fast developing in wayfinding and it can thus be difficult to keep pace with the latest innovations and options. Blue dot technology that enables beacons to create an indoor wayfinding system in an airport, has been added in Gatwick Airport, London. Indeed, such examples of technological development will continue to be explored in the industry. Digital solutions will be added in the future to this page as we develop services.