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Mindfulness and Distracted Wayfinding. Re-Learning How to Explore

In this post-modern world, we seem to be rushing around more and trying to do so much more, never with enough time to do everything and this can make life seemingly stressful for so many of us. We so often try to multi-task believing that we are saving time, including when we are wayfinding, when […]

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Liminal Way Finding. Life Changing Holiday Experiences

The term ‘originates’ from the term ‘way finding’ which was used by the Polynesians to navigate between islands many decades ago. The term as one word is now the more commonly used expression but in a liminal sense, travel still has a very valuable meaning. In addition to having to get from place to place […]

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Self-Discovery Holidays through Mobility

Wayfinding is a term which, when used, most often refers to finding one’s way in a directional sense. Most articles, news and discussions on wayfinding you will thus find to be about signage, designing and use of space and locations which people have to navigate through and use. Wayfinding though, in its earlier and more […]

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Le Cap d’Agde – Liminal travel and Self Discovery

If you are looking for a holiday with a difference and have already ticked off locations such as the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Paris, a safari and  walking through Times Square in NYC, off of your bucket list, you might want next to visit Cap d’Agde and the world largest naturism resort. Wayfinding is often […]

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