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Round the World Hokulea Journey Completed without Navigation Equipment

In the day and age of modern navigational equipment, where anyone sailing around the world would these days use a GPS (Global Positioning System) and other technological gadgets, the journey around the world on a traditional Hōkūle‘a  canoe is all the more remarkable given that navigation was done purely using natural elements, such as the […]

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The Benefits of Interpretive Signage

– by Paul Symonds In my work as a wayfinding consultant, a number of the locations I go to are ones that have or could benefit from heritage interpretation signage. Wayfinding and heritage interpretation are in essence two different specialties but in certain locations they merge and become a connected subject area. On a bay […]

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What is Interpretive Signage and Heritage Interpretation

What is Interpretive Signage Interpretive signage is signage that helps to create a narrative that acts to generate a positive user experience (UX). You might, for example, manage a tourist attraction such a bay trail, be in charge of an urban space or area, or perhaps even run a crocodile attraction. With interpretive signage, the […]

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