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Wayfinding Training Programs

Training packages

We offer a number of training programs aimed at helping you to improve the efficiency of your location and to to monetarise your location. Steering your users to a positive experience but also to areas of commercial possibility, both work hand in hand. A successful wayfinding system benefits both users and stakeholders such as the land owner and those commercially invested in the location. Out training programs are aimed at helping you develop the efficiency of your location. Any training you need which we have not covered below? Please let us know!

Downloadable Training Packages for Trainers

  • Wayfinding Design Basics for beginners – brought to you from our partners SymondsReasearch.com for off the shelf training).
  • LOS (Level of Service) Measurement Training – Qualitative Research to Assess LOS
  • Commercial Opportunities at Airports using Wayfinding
  • Urban Wayfinding Planning and Management
  • Designing Spaces with DDA in Mind
  • Accessibility for users with Disabilities
  • Understanding wayfinding in Airports



Please contact us if you are interested in in-house training or training for trainers.