Wayfinding in Travel and Tourism

Human Factors in Wayfinding

Understanding Wayfinding as a Sociocultural Experience

– Written by Paul Symonds We are gradually moving away from understanding wayfinding as simple being a cognitive only process to understanding it as …

Text Walking, Smart Phones and Wayfinding – Distracted Walking

Any of you who read my previous post on the dangers of using mobile technologies when navigating, will not be surprised and perhaps will even be relieved to …

Mindfulness and Distracted Wayfinding. Re-Learning How to Explore

In this post-modern world, we seem to be rushing around more and trying to do so much more, never with enough time to do everything and this can make life …

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I love to travel and have been to over 40 countries to date. I am presently studying a PhD in Wayfinding and am the Editor for travelwayfinding.com.