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Travel Writing and Using Navigation to Make it Interesting

The first essential for a travel writer in a foreign city is to get orientated and to better understand the area and setting as quickly and pragmatically as …

Overcoming Language Problems in Wayfinding Design

One of the biggest challenges facing wayfinding designers is trying to cater for the wide variety of languages used in travel spaces. An airport such as …

10 Common Mistakes Made in Wayfinding Design

Video Dialogue: Hello – I’m Paul from Travelwayfinding.com and I’m going to talk about ten of the most common mistakes that people make when …

The Art of Queuing and Waiting when Travelling

It is perhaps not useful to stereotype but us British I would argue have perfected the art of queuing and there is a lot of emotion and meaning in this …

Berrypicking and Real World Wayfinding Techniques

Berrypicking is a term you quite likely have not heard of before when it comes to the discourse of wayfinding. This term though is a very interesting term …

Where Can I study Wayfinding

Wayfinding and Navigation are quite specialised subject areas and tend to be studied and covered within various other disciplines within academia. You will …

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